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Welcome to AquaFirst Technologies Inc.
Save Water, Save Time, Save Money

Water is the essence of life. This simple, evident belief is what guides our company in all it's endeavors. Our mission is to educate regarding the wise use of water, assisting our customers to discover ways in which they can both reduce water consumption and protect their sources of water. We endeavor to carry a line of products that serve to achieve this end. All of our product line has a direct connection to the conservation and protection of  water.

Founder and President of AquaFirst Technologies, Bernie Neufeld, developed an appreciation of the role water plays in our life at an early age. "I was raised in a rural setting where we had no running water. Water had to be managed wisely and it was a labour intensive endeavor to carry enough water into the house to meet our needs. Wasting water meant more work!"

The purpose of this website is to showcase Lassenite, a premium soil amendment with numerous applications. Please take the time to learn about this unique mineral.

"To understand water is to understand the cosmos, the marvels of nature, and life itself."

Masaru Emoto

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